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Simple Ways to Keep Your Office Organized

Part of getting your work done every day requires being organized. When your work space allows you to get to the items you need without having to wade through too much clutter, you’re much more productive. Nearly everyone’s office could use a little face lift to make their work space more comfortable, allowing them to work more efficiently.

One of the first things you can do to make your work easier is to reconsider your desk. Your desk is the hub of your working life and clutter makes finding what you need a frustrating and time-consuming process. You won’t have a successful organized office with files lumped in a box on your desk. Start by removing everything from your desk. Sort through your desk files, keeping only the files you use on a weekly basis or those that are personal and confidential. Set up an active file system either in a desk drawer or in a step file sorter. Files don’t have to be in alphabetical or chronological order either.

Paperwork on a desk can be overwhelming. It helps if you have a way to sort it. You could sort your paperwork into categories: Do, Consider, Pending, File, Hold, Read and Refer. Many employees have a file system dedicated strictly to paperwork as a means of freeing their desks of clutter.

When it comes to organizing drawers, each drawer in your office should be neat and orderly with items located in order of importance. Place items you use most near the top of your desk and on the side of your dominant hand.

Keep your essentials on top of your desk like your computer monitor, phone, PDA, planner, etc. But attempt to limit the number of items, considering your desk prime real estate with space at a premium. Throw away any non-essential items that you never use. Only keep items on your desk that you use regularly and are easy to keep organized and maintained.

It’s important that you dedicate a place for everything. As you accumulate new items in your office it’s essential to create a space for them to live. You may find that dedicating a drawer specifically for all the cords for hand held devices frees your desk of clutter. Some workers have a cork board for business cards. You can always re-evaluate your space every six months or every year.

At the end of each day take ten minutes to keep your desk organized, placing tomorrow’s top priority project in the center of your desk. Keeping a clutter free and organized space takes dedication. By putting things away the last few minutes of the day, you’ll find you stay more organized and you’ll avoid any non-essential items cluttering your desk.

Finally, it’s also good to know when to stop. While it’s important to be organized, it’s just as important not to go overboard, spending too much time on organization and not enough time on work. When this happens, it’s time to pull back and focus on the work that needs to get done.

An organized office is essential to your productivity and well-being. When your space is organized your thoughts and work are free of distractions and clutter, making your work space a happier place.